Power Scripts for Jira

Power Scripts | Jira Workflow Automation by Cprime addon helps you to improve Project automation, automate workflows, automate rules, sync databases, Groovy script runner, uses Simple Issue Language - SIL.

You can get Power Scripts from the Marketplace

Here are some basic use cases on modifying Smart Checklist values with SIL integration.

Add checklist on Issue Creation

  1. Create your SIL script.
    Add checklist in a RAW text format according to https://railsware.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/CHKSDC/pages/2316861534

    Note that you have to include the actual name of CustomField form your Jira instance


  2. Add Listener

  3. Done!

Now, every time the issue created - Smart Checklist will be populated with the values from SIL script.

Optionally you may add various checklists based on input conditions (like a value of a particular fieldset on Issue Creations screen, issue type, project, and so on).

Refer to Official Documentation of Power Scripts