Trigger "Issue Update” event for "Checklists" field change

Since version 6.1.0 Smart Checklist for Jira Server and Data Center introducing new section in the Global Settings “Trigger update event” section.

It is enabled by default. It could be enabled/disabled manually from the Global Settings.

When “Trigger update event” enabled issue update event will be triggered on any available action with checklist (e.g. add new checklist item, update checklist item, apply template, change status of checklist item etc.).

This trigger can be used in automation. Here is a simple example of the automation rule how to check that issue update event is triggered.

  1. Go to System > Automation rules

  2. Click Create rule

  3. Add trigger - Field value changed

    1. Add "Checklists" field for Fields to monitor for changes

4. Add new action - Comment on issue

a. Add some value to the Comment field

Once the rule is published and enabled for any change in a smart checklist applied to an issue comment “Checklist field updated” will be added to this issue.