Create a Template

Create your custom Template with already pre-filled summary, description, assignee, components, and more, including custom fields 🚀


Contents 👇🏻


Save Issue hierarchy as a Template

  1. Navigate to an Issue you want to save as a Template

  2. Go to the Smart Templates

💡 HINT: You can expand the whole structure to view the Smart Checklists content as well


  1. Click Save structure as template and type in the Template name → Click OK

  2. You will see the notification with the link to the Templates list

  1. Done! Now you can find a newly created Template in the Template list and adjust it if needed 🎉

☝🏼NOTE: While saving your issues as a template, not all issue field values can be saved. Please check the list of supported fields here →

Create a Template from scratch

  1. Navigate to the Template list from the app section on the side bar

  2. Click on Create Template

  3. Add Issues, field values and even checklists with the Smart Checklist integration

  1. Click Save template

  2. Done!


You are all set! 🙌🏻