Edit Templates

Edit issue hierarchy and fields from a single view: add Epics, Tasks, Sub-tasks, pre-fill issue summary, description, components, and more, including custom fields 🚀


Contents 👇🏻


In order to edit a Template, navigate to your project sidebar → Apps → Smart Templates → click on 3-dots menu for the Template you want to edit

Manage the Issue hierarchy

Add Issues

In order to add an Issue to your Template, navigate to the parent Issue → 3-dots menu → select the Add child Issue option


Choose an Issue Type

  • click on the Issue you want to change the type of

  • navigate to the right panel

  • select the Issue Type near the Issue Summary


Delete Issues

Navigate to the Issue you want to delete → 3-dots menu → click on Delete


Duplicate Issues

Navigate to the Issue you want to duplicate → 3-dots menu → click on Duplicate

☝🏼NOTE: Do not forget to click Save Structure, otherwise your changes won’t be saved


Pre-fill Issue fields

Ensure consistency across multiple boards with pre-filled fields in your Templates🔥

☝🏼NOTE: The list of fields you can edit depends on your Jira Project Configuration


Add Smart Checklists

Smart Templates is integrated with Smart Checklist! Add checklists to your Issue Templates and ensure your repetitive tasks always have clear and easy to follow ToDo's 🤟🏼