Smart Checklist & Smart Templates

Extend the functionality of templates with the Smart Checklist app. Add checklists to your issue templates and have a quick overview of all checklists via Smart Templates Hierarchy! 🚀

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Add Smart Checklist to a Template

  1. Go to the Template → Select the issue you want to add the Checklist to

  2. Click on “Smart Checklist“ tab on the right panel

  3. Add the content of a checklist using the Markdown syntax


💡HINT: You can read more about Smart Checklist Markdown syntax here →


You can also check the checklist content in all issues inside your template by expanding the “Details & Checklists“ section 🔥

Screen Recording 2024-02-28 at

Done! Now the checklists will be added every time you create issues from a template 🎉


  1. Navigate to the issue → Click on the Smart Templates icon

  2. The issue hierarchy will appear along with checklists ✅

  3. To display (or hide) checklists in issues - just hover on the checklist progress and click on “Show“ (or “Hide“) option

  4. Click on the button next to the “Checklists“ option at the top to display all checklists inside the issue


Save issues as template along with checklists

  1. Navigate to an issue you want to save as a Template → Go to the Smart Templates

  2. Click “Save structure as template” and type in the Template name → Click “OK”

  1. You will see the notification with the link to the Template

  2. Done! Template with issues and checklists was created 🎉

Use variables inside checklists New 🥳

💡HINT: More about variables →

  1. Navigate to the Template with checklist → select the “Variables” tab

  2. Create new variable, for instance “position“

  1. Go to the “Issues“ tab → select “Smart Checklist”

  2. Add your variable inside double curly braces to any place in your checklist, e.g. {{position}} → save changes

  1. Now let’s apply the template → click on the “Create Issues” button

  2. Enter value you want to appear in the checklist instead of your variable in the appeared window → click “Confirm” button

  1. All done, all Jira issues created from the template have received the {{position}} replaced by the value you entered on template apply. 😎