Bulk update Issues with checklists

You can update your checklists via Bulk Issues Update with the help of Automation for Jira tool ⚡️

This goes about Issues bulk update when you set a value for a field you'd like to populate to all the selected Issues.

Requires Checklists Custom Field https://railsware.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/CHK/pages/97845318

☝🏼 NOTE: Do it before running a bulk issues updates



Automation rule setup

  1. Go to Project Settings → Automation → click Create rule

  1. Create a trigger

2.1. Choose Field value changed

2.2. Choose Checklists → Save

2.3. Save trigger

  1. Set Checklist

3.1. Add component New Action

3.2. Choose Set entity property

3.3. Fill in the fields with the following values:

Property Key


Property Key


Property value


3.4. Save action


  1. Name your new Automation and Turn it on

  1. Proceed with the bulk update

Bulk Issue update

  1. Click on Search → Select View all issues

  2. Add search criteria to return the issues you want to update

  3. Click on “Configure column” to add Checklists custom field to search view



  4. Select more (•••) and choose Bulk Change all <n> issues.



  5. Select the issues you'd like to edit Checklists custom field in the bulk operation and click Next

  6. Select Edit Issues for bulk actions and click Next



  7. Find Change Checklists in the list

  8. Fill in the value that you want to set to the checklist for all selected issues and click Next



  9. Confirm the changes by clicking Confirm button


  10. You will see the Bulk Operation Progress. Click Done to finish.



You are done. All issues are updated with the new checklist value