Default Template Extended Conditions

Build complex rules without 3rd party add-ons!

Since version 5.6.0 we offer Extended Conditions for Default templates definition.

Think about it as Jira Automation for Smart Checklist.

If you have ever worked with Automation for Jira - you will easily get the concept and get started.

Just instead of Rules - we have Templates.


Template creation is raised by a certain event. Following triggers are available:

  • issue created

  • issue updated

  • issue transitioned

  • none (no trigger applied and template just available for static manual import)


The most popular condition is “Issue Type”. In the new version, we’ve added a lot of new conditions based on various field values that might be useful for default template definition. Among them: request Type, priority, components, labels, reporter, standard custom fields, and so on.


Not available yet


The scope is available since the previous Smart Checklist version and consists of the Project definition. Following scopes are available:

  • All projects

  • Multiple projects

  • Single project

Turning rules on and off

You can easily turn the template on/off.

If on - it’s available for either importing manually from Jira Issue View or using a set of conditions.

Template Actor

Not available yet

Audit log

Not available yet