Add Checklist on Issue Creation

Add your custom Checklist every time the Issue is created ⚡️

This flow can also be achieved by the built-in Templates functionality of Smart Checklist.
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  1. Go to Project Settings → Automation → click Create rule:

  1. Create a trigger

2.1. Choose Issue created

2.2. Save trigger


  1. Define the Issue Type

3.1. Add component: Add a condition

3.2. Add a condition: JQL Condition


3.3. Add a JQL query for defining the Issue Type

issuetype = Bug


3.4. Save Condition


  1. Add a Checklist

4.1. Add component: Add an action


4.2. Add an action: Set entity property


4.3. Fill in the fields with the following values:

Entity type


Property Key


Property Value


Add Checklist in Markdown formatting 👉🏻

Add Checklist template 👉🏻

💡HINT: Read more about templates automation here →

4.4. Save Action


  1. Name your new Automation and Turn it on

You're done! Now every time a Bug Issue is created - a proper Checklist will be added 🎉