Release Notes v6.6.0


  • new Import checklist from Elements Checklist, My ToDo

  • improved UX improvements

  • Fixed Minor defects


Import checklist from Elements Checklist, My ToDo

Starting from v6.6.0, it is possible to import all checklist items created in Elements Checklist or My ToDo apps to the Smart Checklist app.

A new tab "Import Checklists" is added to the Smart Checklist Settings.

To start the import - please follow the next steps:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Manage apps > Smart Checklist Settings.

  2. Click on the "Import Checklists" tab.

  3. Select add-on to import from the list:

    1. My ToDo;

    2. Elements Checklist.

  4. Click on the first tab link that redirects you to the "Projects" tab.

  5. Toggle Smart Checklist on for the projects for which the import needs to be done.

  6. Come back to the "Import Checklists" tab.

  7. Select add-on to import from the list one more time (My Todo/Elements Checklist)

  8. Choose one option to import:

    1. Override existing Smart Checklist items - will replace checklist items that you already have in Smart Checklist with the ones from another app. If you don’t have checklist in the source app it will override Smart Checklist with empty values.

    2. Append to existing Smart Checklist items - will add checklist items from another app to the bottom of the checklist that you already have.

    3. Add to issues with empty Smart Checklists data only - will run import only for the issues where Smart Checklist is empty. Checklists from the other app will be added.

  9. Click "Run import". The import will start.

  10. You will see the progress bar for the import. The importing process will take some time.

  11. Once the import is completed, the date and time of the last import will be displayed. A message with the number of successfully/not migrated checklists will be shown. Additionally, you'll see a link to the detailed log that could be downloaded.

To get more details follow the link

UX improvements

  • The feedback button is removed from the customer portal view.

  • Restyled users's feedback dialog.

Minor defects

  • Migration result log file is empty for Jira > v9.5.0.

  • User with Administrator role couldn't login to SC Settings tab under Project Settings for Service Management Project.