Release Notes v6.8.0




Smart Checklist for Jira. Pro


  • new Template IDs for Global/Project templates

  • IMPROVED UI/UX improvements for the “Add details” feature

  • fixed Issue with checklist duplicates

  • fixed Issue with Elements Checklist migration


Template IDs for Global/Project templates

You can see the template ID from the Templates tab in Global Settings or from Template pop-up on Issue View:

  1. Navigate to Manage templates/Import from a template.

  2. Click on any Global/Project template to expand the details.

  3. There will be an ID field, located left from the template name.

You can refer to this ID from the automation tool or third-party apps (like Scriptrunner, JMWE). This makes appending a template easier.

 Find more details on how to configure a rule using Template ID →

UI/UX improvements for the “Add details” feature

The “Add details” feature is redesigned in Smart Checklist.

It helps people explore more context and learn what needs to be done and how to do it. For example, you can add more details, such as links to resources and tools to your checklist items.

What was changed:

  • Added “Add details”/”Remove details” icons in the 3-dots menu

  • Added editing capability of details on click (similar to the checklist items)

  • Updated edit icons on hover for checklist items and details